Monday, February 16, 2009

No Quidditch for me. :-(

Sadly, the Quidditch game was called due to Rae not feeling so good. Instead we played Harry Potter Clue at Rae and Renata's house. Me, Kim, Kelsey, Rick and Rae played (Rae won) while Renata cooked and fed us deviled eggs w/curry (Yum), popcorn and roast chestnuts (even more Yum). It was fun.
I need some exercise! I'll have to take a few walks this week when the rain lets up.
The socks are finished - however I'm picking up stitches on the cuff to use up the last of the yarn in making the cuffs longer. The hoodie is progressing well despite having a couple of parts frogged twice. I didn't like the dropped sleeves of the pattern (after I'd sewn the first in) so I'm doing them raglan style instead.
I'm also experimenting with Kool-aid to overdye some yarn I got for free that's in pinks/yellows. I'm using blue Kool-aid in the hope of getting some more purples into the yarn.