Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yarn swift, other news

1) My darling husband made me a yarn swift based on Anne Kuo-Lukito's pattern. Anne's swift
Of course, being an engineer, he made a couple of minor alterations - he used 2 CD's instead of 1, and we used a straw over the bolt to make the swift spin a little smoother. It's already been put to use on one of the huge skeins of yarn from a Newton's Yarn Sale. That's why I wanted one of these swifts. My little umbrella swift (a gift from my mother-in-law who found it at an estate sale) is great for small skeins of yarn. However, the Newton's skeins are abnormally large. This new swift is handling it with ease.
2) I'm spending Sunday at Disneyland since they let me in free on my birthday. I'll be 7! After a certain age, you can be creative with your age. Me - I add the 2 digits of my age together to get my new age.
3) Monday I start a part-time, temporary job - 20 hours/week for 3 months. It's with the company i worked for last year as a temporary. I didn't want to hire on with them due to the commute and the lack of decent restaurants in the area. I have not yet heard the real story of what happened to the person they hired to take on the job. The temporary agency said she'd taken 6 weeks of vacation (funny, she's been there less than 1 year and now is their busy time), the company person said she'd left the country. I'll find out the real story on Monday.
Have a Great Fourth of July!