Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quidditch is still alive...

We had a Quidditch picnic potluck and pick-up game today. Started with 7 people - me, Jessica, Renata, Brian, Kim, Mark and Nathan. So, we played three Chasers on each team and Nathan was the keeper using a Beater Bat (made of foam with a wood dowel center) to help him keep. We played about ten minutes and took a break, played another ten minutes, took another break. Nigel showed up at some point. Renata recruited two small girls and their parents to play for the last set. The little girls got the 'cute' break - i.e. we didn't block them, and the keeper didn't keep too hard. :-) We told Nathan he'd lost the 'cute' break - he's 14 now so he can handle it.
We're talking of playing some more games this year and then having a Quidditch World Cup event in November - probably the weekend after the movie comes out. (Movie 11/19, game - probably Sunday, 11/21.
We definitely need to get in shape again. :-)
Fun day, good company.
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