Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prizes in the cereal boxes

Yesterday I bought a box of Frosted Flakes - I needed a sugar cereal for my Sunday breakfast - and it had a Star Trek LED light. It looks like the badge but has no pin on the back. I'll have to glue a pin back to it.
Anyway, I was reminded that when I was younger, the prizes in the cereal were buried inside the cereal, not nicely packaged on the outside like they are today. I'm sure it's easier for the cereal manufacturers to package it that way. However, they're taking away the thrill of tipping the box carefully to see if you could see and grab the prize. Since the prize had usually settled to the bottom of the box, this could take a few days. And of course, if you had siblings, it was a race to see who could see the prize first and grab it with their grubby little hand. You weren't allowed to dump the cereal out, nor to search it with said grubby little hand, but you could manipulate the sides of the box in order to get the best possible chance of seeing the prize at the bottom. Of course you usually ended up having to share the prize with your siblings - most unfair. :-)

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