Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to scraping walls, hoodie is finished - yeah!

I finished the hoodie at the All Things String meeting last Tuesday and have worn it and washed it. I like it a lot, it's snug and warm. The edging of the hood curls under, so I just curled it under all around. The sleeves are raglan as opposed to the straight sleeves on the original pattern.
Now that I'm recovered from the virus, I've started scraping the walls again - such fun. :-)
I did manage to finish off a couple of UFO's, so the pile is shrinking. One of them needs some yarn to sew it up, so I'll have to make a trip to Velona's, another has yarn somewhere in this house for sewing up - I just have to find the yarn.

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Anonymous said...

congrats! your hoodie looks great!