Monday, March 2, 2009

Recovering slowly from flu?

I don't know if it's the flu or what. Severe tiredness, fatigue, etc. for the past 3 days - not much appetite and a sore throat. But no sneezing, sniffling, etc. If I still feel blah by Wednesday I'll have John drag me to the doctors. Hope everyone else is doing well.
I finished my first pair of socks Thursday and wore them all day - just before I became sick (I'm certain there's no correlation).
I just made my fourth Kiva loan, and at the rate the other loans are repaying, i'll be able to make another one soon.
I'll try to post pictures of the socks when I put enough brain cells together to plug in the camera, etc.
Off to take another nap.

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Lisa said...

I had that flu thing last week. It really got me down and I said the same thing. "I don't know what this is..." Glad you're feeling better