Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mostly recovered, 5th Kiva loan

Well, it was a virus - the doctor said - Fluids, Tylenol for fever, 7 to 10 days duration. No antibiotics. I didn't start feeling like I was going to recover until Day 8.5, then I was still a little weak for a few more days after that. Not fun at all.
Now, I'm exercising again, working my way back to my normal state of health.
My Kiva loans repaid enough so I could make another loan - Yeah! It's so much fun - I usually check once a week to see how they're doing.
Knitting is going well. The hoodie is almost finished, and I'm poking some of my UFO's in an attempt to clear some of them out. I think my next big project will be either a shawl (with some lovely yarn I got in Solvang), or a clapotis (with some yarn I got in Colorado mixed with some rayon ribbon). Such fun decisions.

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