Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby blanket is finished and delivered

I finished the blanket on Saturday and washed it.  Then I delivered it on Saturday night.  Yeah!  Now I'm back to finishing my socks and my hoodie.
Here's a fuzzy picture of baby blanket:


So, now I'm back to my socks and my hoodie - yeah!  I'm also trying to get my house a little tidier - I've invited friends to visit so I need to start making it presentable just in case they accept the invitation.  The walls haven't been touched in a week or so - maybe next week ...

Here's a picture of my Icelandic Wool sweater that I made eons ago.  Unfortunately I can't wear it in Southern California unless I get a job in a freezer somewhere.  I may see if my niece in Maine could use it.


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