Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Orthodontist shake-up, getting ready to work again

Well, my orthodontist office had 2 orthos.  The one whose name is on the door, and a second one.  I preferred the second one - he seemed to know a little more, etc.  So, of course, he's now moved on, and the first one is the only ortho in the office.  I can't easily take my braces and follow the guy who left.  That's the one problem with braces - they have you in a financial lock for the time you're in them.  The first guy's not bad, he's just not great.  I'm heading for my first anniversary with these things on, so far no major problems.  I've got one set of elastic bands (the colored ones for fun).  I'm not looking forward to the time when they add more to the mix.
I had a 'Meet and Greet' with a couple of guys from my temp agency - these guys are located in Cerritos.  They seemed happy with my resume.  Of course they're like salespeople everywhere - they give you vague assurances.  I'm waiting for the real phone call.  This is the agency who got me my last job, however they're also the same agency who called me regarding the position I'd left after 15 years.  :-)
Knitting is proceeding slowly.  Runescape is doing well.  The wall is the same as last week - i.e. no progress.
Our first Quidditch game of 2009 is this Sunday (1/18).  I'm not in great shape, but I think I'll survive.

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