Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year - may yours be Healthy too!

Just a quick post - I looked and realized I hadn't done one for 2009 yet.
I've now got 2 Kiva loans (whee).  I'm planning to do another one in Feb. and then one in Mar., then I'll see what happens.
I've called my temp. agencies and put my name back on their lists.  Next I have to start my Internet searches, as well as taking the Accountemps online computer courses.
Meanwhile, I've started scraping the walls again.  The people who owned our house before we bought it from them, did some decorative plastering? on the walls.  It's ugly and holds dirt really well.  So, last year I scraped the popcorn ceiling from the entryway and hallway, and did the entry way walls too.  Now I'm on the hallway walls.  It's tough on the arms = all that scraping.  I spray water on, let it soak in, and scrape away.
I'm hoping one of the agencies finds me a job soon so I can quite scraping walls.  :-)
Knitting - I'm working on a baby blanket for Lena's daughter at church, I have one sock done and one half done, and my turquoise hoody is 3/4's done.  I'm attaching the sleeves.
I'm limiting my Runescape addiction by only allowing myself to play after I've exercised for the day, and after I've knit at least 6 rows on the baby blanket.  So far it's working well.  After all, I have to get in shape for Quidditch on the 18th.

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