Monday, January 19, 2009

Quidditch was great! Back to scraping walls.

Our first Quidditch game of the year was on Sunday.  We had a good turn-out.  Sadly, Rae had to leave early.  I hope she's feeling better soon.
We had 2 new players - Chad and Sarah.  We divided up into teams - Blue and Green, had a warm-up session and started the game.  The score ended up at 120 Green, 40 Blue.  (I was on the Blue team).  However, we all had a lot of fun, with no life-threatening injuries incurred.  Pren did get Bludgered in the face - she was O.K.  Jim had his ear scraped a few times by Rick's blocks, until Rick went in as Keeper.  Better for Jim, not so good for trying to score goals.
Nigel showed up late, so he ended up being the referee when Rae left.  Jessie and Rio were bystanders, with Rio distracting everyone with her cuteness.
I did not score any goals, but I got in a lot of fast walking.  I managed to survive despite not being in great shape.  Next game - Feb. 15th.  3rd Sunday at Byerum Park in Fullerton.  Parking is on nearby streets, or on Chapman on the south side of the park.
One of my Kiva loans has made a repayment - a month before their scheduled date - yeah!  The Kiva loans are fun - I loved getting the e-mail about the repayment.  Once I have $25 repaid, I can roll it over into another loan.  They're having a lot of loans funded right now, due to some groups pushing for funding to tie into the inauguration.
Meanwhile, I'm back to scraping the walls - it does help to build up my arms.

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