Friday, December 12, 2008

2 packages out, 2 to go

Let's see - Tuesday was knitting night -  Starbucks locked us out (due to plumbing problems) so we went to Subway.  Nice group - Jamie and Abraham were there too.  I bought a skein of yarn from Jamie for my sister-in-law.  I forgot to take a picture of it, it was a lovely cobalt blue, almost purple.
Thursday I went to South Coast Plaza on a sort-of-shopping trip.  I didn't buy a thing from there except lunch and a hot chocolate.  I did buy a couple of things from the Container Store, including a Flat Pack for my Christmas present to myself.
Friday - I managed to get 2 packages in the mail, so now I only have 2 left (one to the East Coast, one (very large one) to Wyoming.
I've finished the Mermaid neck-warmer for my niece.  It's washed - currently drying.  Then I have to take a picture and package it.  Same for the Seafoam scarf for the waitress at Brownstone.  I have to finish the scarf I'm making for one of the Starbucks baristas and then I'm done with my 'necessary' Christmas knitting.  Then it's time to knit for myself again! 

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