Monday, December 29, 2008


Just a quick post:  Christmas was good.  We spent it w/husband's relatives in Ojai.  I'm fighting off a cold (so far I'm winning - yeah!).  Sunday I had dim sum with some of the knitting group (Rae, Renata, Melyssa, Jamie & Alexander, Velvet, Gwen & John, and Laurie/Alicesky).  Lots of good company and good food.  I was very stuffed.
I've started playing Runescape (free online role-playing game) so I'm now wasting time killling chickens and cutting down trees.  Aaagh!
On a good note:  The Kiva loan I'm involved in is fully funded.  When I checked the Kiva website on Sunday, all their loans had been funded - Wheee!  I guess a few people used their Kiva gift cards.  Kiva now has some more loans to fund, so if you're interested check out their website.  (Ravelry has a Kiva group set up).   Kiva is a microfinance group - you loan amounts in $25 increments.  When the group you're loaning to pays back the loan, you can reloan the money or take it back.  You do need to have Paypal to be involved, so if you have a Paypal account you're set.  If you don't have a Paypal account - make sure you check the Paypal details first.  They charge you if someone pays you by credit card - I think they should give the sender of the money the option to pay the fee first, before making the receiver pay (especially when the receiver is not a business).
Anyway - Have a Happy Healthy New Year!

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