Saturday, December 6, 2008

Welcome to my blog

I decided it was time to start a blog.  Since many of my other knitting acquaintances have one ...  The title is from the phrase so many of us here while knitting in public (KIP).  My usual response has been to smile and not really say anything.  I want to try and ask questions next time.  Such as:  Do you still have anything she made for you?  What was her favorite color to use?  Did she try to teach you?
For the record, my maternal grandmother (Granny K) used to knit, she taught my mother and my mother taught me.  Granny K made me some lovely doll clothes and blankets.  I still have one or two of the doll blankets she made - they were many different colors.  I believe she used up her scraps to make me the blankets.
The current picture is one of the Ravenclaw team t-shirts I made for the awesome Hogwarts party we attended in November.  Ravenclaw won!  The Quidditch World Cup, the House Championship (Quidditch) and the House Cup.  We barely managed to beat Hufflepuff by 20 points.  Since we started the day with a 20 point lead over them, and ended the day with a 20 point lead, and since we won the Quidditch game, logic leads me to believe that the Hufflepuff students were smarter than us.  (Just don't tell my fellow Ravenclaws).
The t-shirts were made by using a stencil, outlining with a copper fabric paint pen, painting with white craft paint, and then with bronze craft paint.  It was a long process (15 shirts in all).  It was a lot of fun, especially handing them out to my team members.
Sadly, that was the last full Hogwarts party. Happily, the Quidditch games will continue!

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